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Subscription Benefits

#1: Support:
Support continued Horse Isle development employing many talented artists.

#2: Access:
Unlimited play time.  Also, priority access to the server if it is nearing capacity.

#3: Ranch ownership:
Once you can afford a ranch, it grants many optional benefits:
  •   Carry more items with sheds (up to 80 total)
  •   Own more horses several for each barn on your ranch
  •   Being able to sell horses while offline
  •   Easier feeding/watering/training of horses with silo,well,training pen
  •   Free wagon transport with a wagon 
  •   Earn money while on/offline with windmills

#4: Game Identification:
A Horse Isle Subscriber is identified in-game with a Star next to the player's name in the player lists. A fancier star identifies longer term subscribers.

#5: Train Horses Twice as often:
A Horse Isle Subscriber can train horses again in 1/2 the time.

#6: Parental Controls:
The ability to set the number of hours a child can play per day, or even disabling the ability to send and receive chat.

#7: Double Global Chats:
Subscribers earn one global chat per minute rather than every other minute.

#8: Art Room Access:
Subscribers are allowed to draw in the group art rooms.

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