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Horse Isle Parents Guide

Welcome.  We will try to make this brief.  First off,  thank you for taking the time to check on your child's activities online.  This is the first, and most important step in protecting your child. 

What Horse Isle Is:

An online game that revolves around horses in a virtual world full of games and adventures and other real players.

Horse Isle's Educational Benefits:

Horse education: Game is based on many real breeds of horses with accurate drawings of them and detailed information.

Educational mini games: There are many mini-games in Horse Isle.  The best "paying" ones, by far, are educational.  There is a geography game, a horse anatomy game, math games, etc.

Riddles / Brain teasers: There are hundreds of riddles and brain teasers in the game that the player may encounter.

Lots of Reading:  The adventures in the game all require quite a bit of reading.  The player needs to interact with virtual "residents"  who may ask things of the player.  Players need to use lots of Reading Comprehension and Problem Solving to accomplish the many adventures in the game.

Money Management:  There are many ways to make virtual money in the game but even many more ways to spend it!  There are some very rewarding goals in the game which cost a LOT of money, and the only way to meet those goals is to save up smartly.  Also, virtual banks provide interest on player's virtual money when it is kept there.

Horse Care: To compete well in Arenas, and to keep happy horses,  players must care for their virtual horses.  This involves feeding, watering, petting, grooming, shoeing and sometimes taking them to the vet.

Getting along with others: Since there are many other players playing the same game, a player learns to interact with others in a positive manner.

What steps does Horse Isle take to protect my child:

Rules: Please view our RULES list.  Go through them with your child and make sure that your child understands each and every one of them.  These rules are all enforced to the best of our abilities.  Please stress to your child that someone could try to trick them into giving away their account password.  Reinforce that the password should never be typed anywhere, except when logging in, and to never give the password to anyone, not even siblings.  Horse Isle staff will NEVER ask for your password.

"Abuse" system:  We have an "Abuse" button set up in game under PLAYERS so if you or your child sees someone breaking the rules, it can be reported to Horse Isle staff.  Recent chat will be sent along with the report.

Chat Filtering:  We try our best to setup smart filtering of chat texts.  If someone swears, our filters will attempt to block that and warn the player.  Each player is only allowed a certain number of blocked profanity.  After that, their account may be terminated. We even attempt to replace "chat speak" with its true meaning (lol=laughing out loud) and replace some borderline words with more child friendly versions.

Moderators:  These are players in the game that have been hand-picked by the game administrators. Their role is to be sure rules are followed and players are not going around the filter or harassing each other. The Moderators are volunteers and have the ability to mute a player's chat if they are misbehaving.

Administrators:  These are people that work directly on the game. Administrators have the ability to also mute player's chat if a player is misbehaving, but they can also see all chat, including private messages. These are the people that review the abuse reports sent in, the chat that is blocked due to the filter and answer any mail that is sent into support. Every report and every blocked chat is reviewed by hand.

Content:  All of the content in the game has been designed for ALL AGES.  This means there is nothing in the game that is violent or cruel, etc.  Our goal has been to keep everything rated "G". There is no horse breeding in this game, so it avoids all of the language involved with that.

No Advertising: We have opted for a pay-for-play revenue model rather than an ad supported one.  This means your child will NOT be subjected to any external advertising of dubious origins.

Parental Controls: We have built in additional options for parents with young children.  There is an ability to block ALL CHAT, which limits the game's social enjoyment but keeps a child safe from any chatting.  We also provide the option of limiting a child's online time per day. These options are available with a subscribed account. There is no automated way to do this yet. Please email support via the Contact Us link if interested in these features.

What are the costs involved to play this game:

Free:  Players can play this game completely free with a limited account.   The limited account only allows a certain amount of playtime per day and does not allow certain advanced features, such as ranch ownership.

$5mo OR $40yr USD:  Players have full access to all of the game's features and support the game's continued existence and development.  Parental controls are also available with a paid account.  Subscription payments are safely, easily, and quickly paid via PayPal. 

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