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Horse Isle Development Credits
  Horse Isle was envisioned and designed by Joe and Miranda Durbin. Miranda grew up loving horses. Joe grew up loving to work with computers and wanted to start his own company. They noticed that there weren't many games out there for horse lovers that were in depth, challenging, and more involved than simple web pages. So together they created Horse Isle. Artists from around the world joined the project and contributed artwork, writing, and music. Miranda and Joe's family also pitched in. Mothers, sisters, and cousins started helping with beta testing, island design, character and quest creation. Now that the game has gone live many people help with continued development and moderating the game to be sure that Horse Isle continues to be a safe and fun place for everyone.
The artists and contributors of Horse Isle:
(Please have parental permission and guidance before visiting any websites mentioned below, as they are not a part of Horse Isle.)

Emma Salamanca, SPAIN (Mizuko)
  -Most Map Tiles/Pixel Art
  -Most Object Icons

Melissa Go Salazar, PHILIPPINES (Megs)
  -Flash Scenes + mini game touchups

Jenny Stout, USA(UT) (Jenny)
  -Horse Views for each breed
  -Tack and Companion Art + Mini Games
  -Horse Animations

Joe Schwebke, USA(WI) (musicjoe)
  - All Game BGM Composer
  - All Game Shop BGM's Composer
  - Several Mini Game Musics

Autumn Durbin, USA(MN) (Noodle)
  -Character Scripts and Quests
  -Character And Description Design
  -Support Mail

Sara Nyberg USA(MN) (Sara)
  -Town & Character Design
  -World Beautification

Mary Ahlstrand USA(MN) (NightMare)
  -Technical Editing and Alpha testing

Fara Shimbo USA(CO) (SpottedRose)
  -Characters & Quests & Descriptions
  -Beginner Guide
  -Horse Isle Workbook
  -Support Mail

Robyn Lari CANADA
  -Pixel Artist (horses, some chars, etc.)

  -Library stories & Horse Quizzes

Players that have written characters, quests and descriptions.
  -(Artemis8)-beta quest writer

Jenephyr Milligan, USA(UT)
  - Many Character Scripts and Quests

Julien Correard, FRANCE
  - Several Mini Game musics

Miranda Durbin USA(MN) (Miranda)
  -Development Direction
  -Horse Isle Technicals

Joe Durbin USA(MN) (Joe)
  -Programming Server
  -Programming Client
  -Art/Creative Direction
  -Programming MiniGames

BETA TESTERS: Marked in game with awards
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